Business Performance WM

Do you want to improve your competitiveness or your profitability?

The Winning Measures Benchmarking Tool is a strategic planning tool that helps analyze and diagnose a business’s performance, with a view to significant overall improvement.

     -  Measure your performance in four key operational areas

     -  Compare it with a large database of UK and international companies

     -   Identify and analyse opportunities for improvement

     -  Develop an Action Plan to take you on the journey towards best practice

Benchmarking, combined with Upper Quartile’s exclusive process, offer outstanding benefits to your organisation.  Based on the methodology of the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ - Financial, Customer, Internal Process and Learning and Growth – this tool compares your performance with your competitors, helping you prioritise actions and make better strategic decisions.

Our database of over 100,000 company records (all records are under 3 years old), acquired by facilitators and trained advisers, also draws on what are conventionally called ‘soft areas’.  Analysis of soft results allows you to identify relationships between varying factors, such as high absenteeism and low levels of training, for example.  Measures are wholly objective, and point clearly to areas for improvement.

Graphic reports gives a comparative analysis of how your organisation performs, and this tool’s extensive comparison criteria, coupled with a simple-to-use web-enabled interface, allow for an unparalleled and enlightening view of a business performance.

With the Winning Measures Benchmarking Tool, you will:

      - Substantially reduce entry costs and development time

      - Benefit from impact assessment and programme reporting through easily accessible data

      -  Achieve large-scale improvement when used as part of development programmes

      - Know that your data is held confidentially and tracked annually, all on a single system

With the support of a trained Winning Measures Practitioner, you’ll discover causal relationships between the performance results and your adopted business practices, facilitating strategic action plans, and ultimately driving your business to success.