An conceptual platform for Innovation Management that allows SMEs to assess their innovation performance and compare their performances with others. To effectively measure innovation all the influencing factors need to be taken into account as there is no single standalone measure for innovation.

The Improve process offers comprehensive benchmark and objective analysis, a detailed personal feedback with suggestions as to improvement areas. Access to information about Innovation Management is also offered.  With the assistance of an innovation expert the client SME can benchmark how they compare against the best in their industry across Europe and this in turn focuses the company on value generation.

With this tool you will:

        - be able to understand if you are truly innovative

        - be able to measure aspects of your innovativeness comparatively

        - focus on the parts of your process where you are under performing

        - be introduced to innovation experts

        - meet experts who  can assist with improvements in bringing more  products or services to market, more quickly and more profitably